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At this time we are not accepting any new clients due to the opening of our restaurant Arizona BBQ Company, located at 1534 E Ray Rd #110 Gilbert, AZ 85295. If you would like to consider our catering options at Arizona BBQ Company, please click the link below to visit our website, or call us at 480-361-4180.

JC’s Catering

Catering Mesa and Gilbert with Fine Cuisine and Flawless Service

For restaurant-caliber cuisine and impeccable service, look no further than JC’s Catering. Whether you need catering for a wedding, a small graduation party, or a large corporate event, our talented, professional staff handles every aspect of your special occasion. At JC’s Catering, our number one specialty is you. We do everything in our power to make your event a successful one. Let our staff set the table for a delicious meal created by a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, while you care for your guests as host. Afterward, we complete clean-up duties. You enjoy all of the pleasure of an expertly prepared meal, with none of the headaches.
Please browse our extensive catering menu of exquisite Entrees, Hors d’oeurvres, Platters, Salads, Sandwiches, Sides, Desserts, Beverages, and More! 
ca-ter [key-ter] verb 1. to provide or supply what amuses, is desired, or gives pleasure, comfort, etc. ( usually followed by to or for ): to cater to popular demand. 2. to provide food, service, etc., as for a party or wedding: to cater for a banquet.
You, as the client are the most important part of our business. A great relationship with you is what is valued most by JC’s Catering. “Catering” is the key word not only in our name but in our company. JC’s caters to your needs. We are unique in the fact that you aren’t forced to choose between a limited amount of menus, with items you have never heard of, much less are able to pronounce. You design your menu with the help of our experienced staff. Tell us your vision and we will bring it to life. Do you want highly professional service, great food all at a reasonable price? JC’s does it all.

Your vision, your budget, together we can make it a reality… Can you see it?

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For Bookings or to speak with one of our representatives:
Phone: (480) 414-4524

JC’s Catering Company

JC's Catering offers a diverse menu with options to fit any budget. You work with our staff to design the perfect menu for your event, from pastry platters for breakfast meetings to formal, plated events served by JC's certified food handlers. And, if you need help planning your event, our event planning team works with you to help turn your ideas into reality. You tell us your vision, and we'll help you bring it to life.

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American Culinary Federation Le Cordon Bleu Acreditation Badge
JC's Catering, Inc. BBB Business Review