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Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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Wedding Cost

Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming, the choices are endless.  The average wedding cost according to a recent survey by The Knot is about $32,641.  A large portion of your budget, about 45%, will be spent on your caterer and venue.  Your decisions especially for your caterer should not just be focused on a dollar amount, although this is certainly important, but rather the quality of customer service.  The relationship that you have with your caterer can make your day a dream or a nightmare.  This is one of the most special days of your life, and everyone you come in contact with should make you feel that way.

Can you design your own menu?

Most caterers will hand you a set of menus to choose from, what someone else has visualized for your day?  This is one of the most important days of your life; customize the service to your taste.  The menu is one of the things you will always remember, make it a good memory.Le Cordon Bleu Acreditation badge

Will a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef be preparing your meal?

All of our staff are certified food handlers and are current on all Maricopa County Food Handling regulations.  All of the prepared meals are created and supervised by Mark Nichols, Executive Chef. Chef Nichols graduated from the Scottsdale Institute Le Cordon Bleu. Have they asked you what you like and what your vision is for your day?

There should be an agreed upon plan of action.  A time schedule and the sequence of events will insure that you or the caterer will not fail.  When everything is planned and executed flawlessly, it will be a very special day.

Are you just a number or are you actually a name to them?

Personalized service from friendly and involved people makes a difference.  Will your caterer bend over backwards in order to perform for you?  Some caterers make you feel as though they are doing you a favor by taking on your event.  At JC’s Catering every event is special to us and we look forward to assisting in the creation and the implementation of your special occasion.

Do they offer a tasting?

Mahi-Mahi You should never use a caterer who does not offer a tasting? You don’t want to be disappointed when you’re ready to enjoy a good meal and it’s a huge failure.

Do they make you pay for a tasting?  This is a huge red flag!  You should not have to pay a caterer to do business with you.

Make sure your tasting is customized to your menu choices.  Don’t be afraid to say you don’t like something, this is the time to make changes.

Always remember this is your day and your vision, pick the food you want for your wedding not what will please others.

Buffets or plated meal?

Buffets can be just as nice as plated meals and cost less.

It is a myth that an appetizer only reception costs less than one that offers a meal, buffets are more cost effective.

No one cares if they are eating off of china or nicer plastic plates, they do care about the quality of the meal, this is a great place to save money!

JC’s Catering personalize and custom service

Find a caterer who wants to build a relationship with you, make sure you are not just a number.  JC’s Catering will provide you with a wonderful personalized experience.

Find a caterer who is sensitive to your budget and doesn’t try to upsell you.

Most importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff, make sure to stop and take it all in, your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter make sure to enjoy it.

To schedule an appointment or consultation call 480-414-4524, allow us to help you create and deliver the best experience possible.


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